The Livetopia Celebrity Program is how we show our appreciation and support for both new and existing Livetopia content creators! If you are a fan of Livetopia and create interesting and engaging content, then you are in the right place! If you meet the requirements and are interested in applying, fill out the Application and we will get back to you if you qualify!


In-Game Perks:

You will receive various in-game perks. Items such as custom clothing, exclusive houses, vehicles, collectibles, and more will be rewarded! You will also get the option to use free camera mode in-game.

Special Rewards:

 Upon meeting certain requirements, you can earn in-game Celebrity status with your name prominently displayed on the upcoming Walk of Fame and even Hall of Fame in game! In addition, you will be rewarded with VIP pass codes that can be given away to your fans. You may also be eligible to name in-game vehicle brands and make them exclusive to your fans, sending players to your channel to find the codes for unlocking. Please find the details in the Rewards section below.

Beta Access:  

You will get Beta access (per application and at our discretion) to be able to prepare content of upcoming updates (secrets excluded) hours before they are released.

Exclusive Communication:

Get your ideas heard! You will receive access to an exclusive content creator Discord channel (within The official Livetopia Discord Server) in order to communicate directly with the Livetopia Team.

Social Media Expose & YouTube Playlist:

Your content (at our discretion) may be featured on official Livetopia Social Media channels. If you're a Content Creator on YouTube, you will be added to a dedicated playlist on the official Livetopia YouTube Channel.


  • You must be 16 years of age or older.
  • You must be a community member with a positive attitude.
  • Your Social Media account must be compliant with the platform's Terms of Service.
  • Your content must not violate or promote the violation of Roblox Terms of Service.
  • You need an active YouTube/Twitch/TikTok account with game related content and must meet one of the following minimum requirements for your channel:
  • 10,000 subscribers, or
  • 25,000 views of Livetopia related content in the past 30 days


Influencer Status Average Monthly Views Rewards
T1: Spokesperson 10k
  • Access to Tier 1 exclusive in-game items;
  • Access to Discord content creator channel
T2: Delegate 25k+
  • Tier 1 rewards + Access to Tier 2 exclusive in-game items;
  • Topia Delegate role of Century Makers group;
  • Free Cam enabled in-game
T3: Celebrity 100k+
  • Tier 2 rewards + Access to Tier 3 exclusive in-game items;
  • Topia Celebrity role of Century Makers group;
  • Beta Access application;
  • Name displayed on Walk of Fame in game;
  • Access to Celebrity Exchange (see below for details)
T4: Opinion Leader 500k+
  • Tier 3 rewards + Access to Tier 4 exclusive in-game items;
  • Name displayed in Hall of Fame in game;
  • Create your own in-game vehicle brand with one for your fans
T5: Key Opinion Leader 1M+
  • Tier 4 rewards + Access to Tier 5 exclusive in-game items;
  • One additional exclusive vehicle every 1M views up to two

Celebrity Exchange

As soon as you reach Celebrity status, you can start exchanging your generated views of Livetopia content for attractive items that you can give to your fans:

  • Each 50K Views = 1 Livetopia VIP pass code (distributed quarterly)
  • Each 500K Views = Roblox $25 (2000 Robux) Digital Gift Card (distributed monthly)